senior mom is rock

by cop graveyard

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a four song EP about self-deprecation, mental illness, dysfunctional relationships and humanism.

out on limited cassette via I HATE MY RECORDS.


released February 19, 2015

recorded by IHMR.
trumpet by Holly Carter
drums + sing alongs by Mike Jones
lyrics, songs, guitar + vocals by Eliot Humphreys

thanks to e.d. for the recording help, thanks to a.a. for the writing a lot of the drum parts, thanks to mike for drumming, thanks to holly for playing the trumpet, thanks to zach for lyrical content, thanks to max for the shelter, thanks to saam for the encouragement, thanks to m+d for their electricity, thanks to marcus, thanks to c.s.m, thanks to matt c, thanks to joe s for playing my music on his radio show, thanks to that guy on youtube, thanks to you for listening to this (and maybe downloading it too).



all rights reserved


cop graveyard Glasgow, UK

some solo project (that is sometimes a band) that is very rarely in one place.

lofi / queer indie pop / tweemo


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Track Name: bury me
punch me in the face
kick me to the ground
leave me in a grave
and hit me with a shovel

please ignore my struggles
this is for the best
bury me in a grave
hit me with a shovel

this is for the best
bury me with all the rest
the ones who saw the truth
(that) failure was inevitable
(and) pain was forever
Track Name: there's a parasite inside my brain
i thank you for the small talking
i appreciate the false pleasantries
but no, i'm not fine
no, i'm not fine, not fine at all

'cause i got a parasite inside my brain
get it out

i know you don't even give a shit about how i feel at all
that's fair, i wouldn't really expect any more from you

'cause i got a parasite inside my brain
get it out

sometimes i wonder where i'll be next year
if this thing will drop off or continue to cling on
there's only so much you can do
there's only so much you can be
when you've got a parasite inside your…

get it out
Track Name: in/out
i dislike how one-sided this relationship has got
i'd hope for more, but i'd get back less than i was hoping for

when you call, you want it all
it's always nice to know that i can always rely on you

but are you with me or are you not
are you in or are you out

it isn't easy for me to say how it went wrong
and i know you haven't changed anyway, since you've been gone
i know you find it hard, to know exactly what you feel
and i hope you find out by the time we meet again
but for now just know i'm out

i'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt
but looking at the way things are balanced
i know it doesn't look quite right
the next time you ring
i won't be picking up the phone
Track Name: we need to coexist and take care of eachother
(you keep folding your hands, over and over again, as you sense my being, mere metres from you. my presence in the room clouds your concentration and distracts you as if i were emitting a slow, steady, silent drilling vibration. I know you are riddled with anxiety. I try to stroke your mood, attempting to feed you platitudes that in some way boost your estimation of yourself by making someone appear inferior to you. It doesn't work)

when you come back home to me, will you wish you hadn't left at all

(but it doesn't work. you push me aside and you fall into the streets, jangling and slooping across the map of the busy street. It isn't hard to find you, and when I do, I take you into my arms and I feel everything inside of you. I know how much you suffer. I know how much you suffer)

when you come home to me, will you had wished you hadn't gone at all

maybe you should trust your friends