split with algae bloom

by cop graveyard

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this is a tour split released with the band algae bloom back in may. we did some tapes for them and took them on tour and stuff.

eliot humphreys did the guitar/vocals
jake parker did the drums

you can find algae bloom's side here: algaeblooms.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-cop-graveyard


released July 18, 2015

peter crowder recorded these tracks



all rights reserved


cop graveyard Glasgow, UK

some solo project (that is sometimes a band) that is very rarely in one place.

lofi / queer indie pop / tweemo

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Track Name: staying upright
no longer tongue-tied
i never met anyone to fit me
you feel like an alien
but really i never made 'it' happen
turning 24
getting older
nothing to show for it
i could never be a cohesive creator

with all this spare time
i scold myself
i scold myself
i scold myself
for being nothing
for being nothing at all
Track Name: the hole inside you
when you told me your thoughts, i didn't know what to say
al i knew is that i wanted them to go away
as we sat in my kitchen, my hand in yours
you said your home is your head

you didn't haven't any windows or doors
it hurt me most because i knew just how you felt
i always dreamed of happiness but i didn't know how it was spelt

we crossed streets, hand in hand
desperately i tried to keep the conversation flowing
for what little good it would do

your insides so bland
a fact we both tried to keep from knowing
as we parted ways
i held you close and i worried what you might do
when i was away
i hoped for the best, trying not to presume the worst
to presume the worst and ruin the rest of my day
Track Name: balloon (ernest street house)
i tried to be just like you
i cut my hair and changed the way i spoke
grew a beard and bought new clothes
went to all the hardcore shows
and i broke up with my boyfriend
cus my parents didn't approve of him
they grounded me and took away my cell phone
i couldn't wait to live live all on my own

need to get away from here soon
gotta fly in a big hot air balloon
get so high that all the people on land look like ants that i could squish them with my hands