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this song is about the turning tides of a connection between someone, how a relationship, friendship or otherwise, can quite easily turn into discomfort and pain


i dislike how one-sided this relationship has got
i'd hope for more, but i'd get back less than i was hoping for

when you call, you want it all
it's always nice to know that i can always rely on you

but are you with me or are you not
are you in or are you out

it isn't easy for me to say how it went wrong
and i know you haven't changed anyway, since you've been gone
i know you find it hard, to know exactly what you feel
and i hope you find out by the time we meet again
but for now just know i'm out

i'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt
but looking at the way things are balanced
i know it doesn't look quite right
the next time you ring
i won't be picking up the phone


from senior mom is rock, released February 19, 2015



all rights reserved


cop graveyard Glasgow, UK

some solo project (that is sometimes a band) that is very rarely in one place.

lofi / queer indie pop / tweemo


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